Street space reservations for May 10th, 2014:


Artists may sign-up any time of the month by

sending or delivering the info card with the donation to 117 Linden, 


pay on-line using PayPal  DONATE  button on our Home page

(Please insert your name. No form needed if paid by PayPal)


Art-and-craft vendors who are present during the ongoing 2nd Saturday Art Walk

will be able to sign-up for the next Art Walk at that time. The donation for the next 

Art Walk has to be paid within 7days from the date of the current Art Walk.


First time art-and-craft vendors, and those who skipped last 2nd Saturday Art Walk,

and those who did not sign-up during last Art Walk,

can sign-up no sooner then 12noon on Saturday, 7days prior to the next Art Walk

calling 562.682-9735 to receive the reservation confirmation number.